In order to serve on a committee, any member may submit their name and contact information to any officer or board member of the MSS. If there is a preference to a committee, this should be included with your request. The MSS Board of Directors will fill committee vacancies from this pool of volunteers. The term of service for all committees will be for two years.




MSS Committees

This committee shall prepare a slate of nominees for all elections. It shall be the committee’s responsibility to contact each proposed nominee and ascertain their desire to serve if elected. This must be verified by written means prior to the placement of the individual’s name on the ballot. The committee shall prepare, receive, verify, and count all ballots for elections. The Chairperson shall announce the winners’ of the elections as the last order of business at the annual business meeting. The Election Committee shall be comprised of at least four (4) members.

This committee shall prepare the annual budget for the MSS each year. The Treasurer shall be the Chairperson of this committee. In addition, there will be at least three (3) other members. Any Committee needing operational expenses for the year must submit and gain approval of a budget.

This committee shall consist of at least three (3) members, one of whom will be a member of the Board of Directors, who provides experience in the planning and implementation of all committee activities. The function of this committee is to ensure the availability and quality of continuing education offered by the MSS. This committee will also address public relation issues as assigned by the Board of Directors. Other assignments may include the preparation of exhibits, programs, and other items to bring the word of MSS to medical, nursing, and other groups as well as educational facilities where such material can be expected to recruit new people to the field of Sleep Medicine.

This committee shall consist of at least four (4) members from the Board of Directors or previous MSS Officers, one of whom shall be the current President of the MSS. This committee shall review formal, written, complaints against any individual MSS member charged with any violation of MSS By-Laws or otherwise any conduct deemed detrimental to the MSS.

This committee shall consist of at least three (3) members. This committee shall review and prepare all amendments to these By-Laws for submission to the Board of Directors. This committee may also initiate such amendments for consideration.

This committee shall consist of at least four (4) members, one of which will be a member of the Board of Directors. This committee shall concern itself with the development of the MSS website and any other items requiring dissemination of information to the MSS membership. This committee shall maintain such liaison as has been established by the Board of Directors with other organizations where such activities may be of interest to the members of MSS.